For a New Breed of Hoteliers ...

For a New Breed of Hoteliers

Hospitality Management Company

Green Shoes

You want to develop a new or innovative hospitality concept? Or need help managing your hotel’s operations or commercial strategies?

Green Shoes is a boutique hospitality management and consulting company, which helps you guide your business and turn it into a success story. As seasoned hoteliers and restaurateurs we will take the burden out of your hands, offering you to benefit from our years of experience.

We are creative entrepreneurs who know how to deliver a truly authentic and original guest experience, building your hotel into a strategic and profitable business.

In this new era of hospitality, we have a firm belief the strength and unique character of an independent hotel can be leveraged into a great success story. Authentic experiences is the way to great success.

With consultant and management services, we specialize in exposing the untapped potential of your lodging or restaurant business.

GreenShoes, for a new breed of hoteliers ...

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  • Calle Mallorca 260, 1º
  • 08008 Barcelona - Spain
  • +34 647 738 828
  • +31 629 707 227
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Hotel Operator

Our team of internationally experienced hotel managers can run your hotel for you.

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Hotel Asset Management

Our hotel management and finance experts will help you manage your hospitality property.

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Owner Representation

Oversight of your hotel operation and strategies by our hospitality and lodging consultants, on your behalf.

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