How to Manage your Hotel Effectively

Efficient Hotel Management Strategies to Improve and Structure Operations.

The hospitality industry is an ever-changing environment, so organizations and Hotel management must be nimble adaptable and able to boost productivity and streamline daily operations. To run a hotel efficiently and profitably, you must develop an organized workflow. 

Schedules, duties, and record keeping must all follow a plan that allows for smooth transitions between shifts and that easily accommodates unexpected demands. Flexibility is an essential aspect of hotel workflow planning.

Analyse Workflow

As a hotel owner or manager dependent on a team of employees who can run the business twenty-four hours a day, it is best practice to analyze any work performed by each department for every shift and anticipate any staffing needs to be required. Create a workflow diagram outlining tasks for each department, breaking down the exact steps of cleaning a room or taking a reservation. This can help formulate processes and procedures.
While many of your original staff may complete multiple assignments, there are times when duty requirements will overlap more frequently. Your workflow plan must include preparation for these times. For example, the staff at the front desk may be able to handle light bulb changes or requests for remote control during the night shift; this may mean you would not require a maintenance person on site during that time. During the morning and early evening shifts, however, your front desk staff must be available to handle inquiries, check in new guests and process check-outs.

Efficient Scheduling

You will need to develop a schedule based on an analysis of the hotel's needs. Create work schedules if possible a month in advance so that employees can alert you to conflicts and requests for time off. When creating job descriptions for each position, it is crucial to include deadlines by which each task must be completed. For example, all rooms must be cleaned by a housekeeping attendant before check- in at 3:00 pm. If however, you expect a group on a particular day you need to be able to adjust cleaning schedules so that rooms can be available earlier to accommodate early arrivals and schedule additional front desk personnel to handle larger check in and checkouts.

Communication Training

According to hotel review and reputation management platforms, there is a definitive correlation between improved guest satisfaction and better communication with hotel accommodation providers.
It is therefore essential to have a reliable channel of communication for employees and hotel management in your plans that begins at the moment guests make a booking and is ongoing throughout the customer journey. Best practices include requiring all employees to review a daily memo when they check in for work that notifies them of any ongoing maintenance issues, room blocks, or VIP arrivals.  Whatsapp messaging groups are a useful tool for communicating guest needs to staff members who don’t have access to the hotel's property management system and can save time, improve guest service and keep management informed. Hotel management should arrange for a communication skills training programme that will be helpful to employees to communicate effectively with guests and identifies critical points in how to handle complaints and coordinate tasks between departments.

Move to the Cloud

Moving from a legacy property management system to a cloud-based PMS that is intuitive and integrates with your POS, CRM, and OTAs, offers a more comprehensive manageable view of your hotel operations.Their mobile accessibility empowers staff to deliver more efficient and personalised service to guests. Not only are they a useful tool for interdepartmental communication, allowing housekeeping attendants to update cleaned rooms in real time, they promote collaboration, improve organization and significantly reduce manual administrative workloads and enable more time to focus on guests.

The Final Word

Just like in any other industry, it is all about organisation, planning, structure and control.… Hope these tips will help you to manage your hotel in a more effective manner.


Pablo Fernández Valdés & Patrick Landman
Green Shoes Hospitality Management

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